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Why Brokers & Agents choose MXM Capital Group as their Private Money Lender

MXM Capital’s real estate investor loan products allows us to offer the best loan programs available for your clients and become every Broker’s private money lender of choice.

  • Tired of wondering where to send your turndowns?
  • Does your bank have lending parameters that are too tight?
  • Are you unsure where you can send your clients that have nowhere else to go?

We love working with professional brokers and lenders that have clients that need to use a bridge loan or a private money loan.

Our funding is typically done within 3 to 5 business days. Smart investors can utilize private money loans to make an all-cash offer at a discount and beat out the competition, and refinance the loan with a traditional bank at a later date once the property is secured.

Regardless of your client’s strategy, MXM Capital Group can assist with your client’s real estate goals. Our services are risk free – with no upfront fees or contracts.

MXM Capital Process

1. MXM Reviews the Asset

We treat every Asset class scenario individually and look at the deal as a whole.

2. Provide Loan Decision

95% of the time we are able to provide a decision within 24-72 hours.

3. Fund Loan

After proper documentation and signatures, we can typically fund most loans within 5 - 7 business days.

4. Pay Broker Commission

As soon as the loan is funded, referring brokers get their commission right away.

Make More Money

Earn competitive commissions on a range of hard money loan programs for fix and flip, new construction, and investment property projects