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The MXM Capital Group Fund provides an option for smart investors who are looking to build wealth, gain exposure to real estate, and diversify away from the volatility of the stock market. MXM Capital Group’s Fund invests primarily in short-term, first lien renovation and construction loans that are originated directly by MXM Capital Group.

At MXM Capital Group, we believe that investing in real estate is an important part of any balanced portfolio. We believe this so much that a substantial portion of our own money is invested beside other investors in our funds. To learn more about our fund, please read below:

MXM Capital Fund: Asset Class & Business Model

The MXM Capital Group Fund invests primarily in short-term loans made to borrowers who are building or renovating residential or mixed-use real estate. Investing in – being a lender to owners of real estate – offers an alternative form of real estate exposure with certain benefits:

Lower Capital Risk. Borrowers are required to bring equity into the project (typically 15 – 25%) and take the risk of first loss in the event that the property sells for less than expected. This results in less capital risk for the lender compared to property ownership.

Consistent Returns. Investor returns are paid directly by the borrower, through monthly interest payments, and aren’t reliant upon property price appreciation.

Security. In the event of a default, the lender can foreclose and assume ownership of the underlying real estate.

Fund Profile

The Fund aims to provide consistent monthly income paired with the security of having first-lien security in real estate.

  • Target returns: 8.0% – 10.0%
  • Distributions: Paid monthly
  • Security: First lien mortgages on real estate

MXM Capital Group’s Approach to Lending

At MXM Capital Group, we believe that, when done properly, lending can be an attractive and secure investment. To this end, we utilize the following principals when underwriting loans:

Conservative Loan-To-Value Limits. Loan-To-Value (LTV) simply means the amount of the loan divided by the value of the property. Lower LTVs mean lower risk, as there is greater collateral value securing the loan. While Wall Street loans of the mid-2000s were often done at 100% LTV and banks still routinely make 95% LTV loans on owner-occupied properties today, MXM makes loans where the LTV at completion of any improvements will be no greater than 75%. Overall, we target a portfolio LTV of no more than 70%.

Short-Term Loans. Long-term loans can be risky, as interest rates and market conditions can vary greatly over time. At MXM, we focus on short-term loans – typically between 6 and 18 months in duration. By focusing on shorter-term loans, we can underwrite loans to a specific set of market conditions and quickly adapt when things change.

Focus on Repayment. For each loan, we focus intently on how our funds will be repaid, even if the borrower defaults. This includes an analysis of the borrower’s experience and capacity to complete the project, the strength of the renovation or improvement plan, and overall market conditions. As a backup, if we do not believe that MXM can take over a project and complete it successfully, we don’t do the loan.

Construction & Renovation Lending

A primary focus of MXM Capital Group’s Fund is the origination of small-balance renovation and construction loans on residential properties. We believe this is an attractive market because:

Prior to the mid-2000s, builders and property developers were traditionally served by local community banks; however, as a result of increasing regulations and oversight, these banks have reduced their levels of lending and have generally made obtaining renovation and construction loans a more difficult and time-consuming process. As a result, many small property developers are under-served by the traditional banking system and have a strong need for financing from private lenders – meaning that lenders like MXM Capital Group can make good quality loans at higher rates than those offered by banks.

While loans from banks are difficult and cumbersome to obtain, there are always properties that need to be renovated; additionally, many areas served by MXM simply have an abundance of older properties that can be increased in value and desirability with moderate renovations.

Beyond the market conditions noted above, renovation and construction lending is inherently short-term in nature, meaning that MXM can help reduce risks related to interest rates and market conditions by focusing on lending to projects with foreseeable completion and repayment dates.

Important Disclosures

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